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By Rob Huisman — January 31st, 2012 – 9:30

The start of a new year is one of those moments you can both look back on the previous year and look forward to what lies ahead. Last year was very, very successful for us. We achieved triple digit growth in revenue, customers, licenses and partners! The renewal percentage of our support and upgrade protection services were almost 100%, indicating optimal customer satisfaction. Early 2011 we moved into a new office, but our team has grown so fast that we already find ourselves short of space. While our sales team is still recovering from intoxication about meeting their challenging Q4/2011 targets, we are getting on track for 2012 and are building an impressive pipeline of large, international and Fortune 500 prospects. It’s difficult to remain modest when things are going so well…

How did we do it? One of the strategic choices we made when starting Immidio was to deliver point solutions for Windows application infrastructures. These are ‘best of breed’ products – in fact small and smart building blocks – that customers can easily integrate within their IT infrastructure in order to solve their specific Windows environment challenges.

Over the past couple of years we have sold many licenses to many customers in many countries around the world. Of course we were aware that a lot of prospects were also evaluating competing profile management solutions. And even broader workspace management suites are evaluated, especially by larger prospects that have comprehensive processes in place to manage the selection of their future software solutions. Besides profile management, these broader product suites offer more functionality, like security etc. Workspace management vendors even position themselves as platform vendors and broadcast visionary strategies, all with the objective to sell product suites with a lot of functionality – in some cases even standard Microsoft functionality – at a high price.

At Immidio now the big question is whether we should step into this rat race and also start offering these kind of expensive suites as well, or stick to our original strategy. Sure, we are winning most customers due to our specific focus on relevant point solutions and our ability to swiftly translate customer requirements into functionality they really need. I admit, often driven also by the competitive offerings of other software vendors! And we are also frequently winning a new category of customers, those who have initially bought and implemented the broader workspace management suites. We are converting more and more of these prospects into customers because we live up to our promise about point solutions.

As a result I feel it’s safe to say that Immidio Flex Profiles has grown into the most complete and innovative profile management solution available in the market today. Over the past period, we received confirmation that our vision, strategy and execution are spot on. Customers like BASF, BMW, Evonik and EnBW have chosen Immidio Flex Profiles to manage their user environments. All these customers have also evaluated workspace management vendors and in some cases did PoC’s. All ended up with buying Flex Profiles.

Evolution laws of course predict it will eventually develop into a broader offering. Flex Profiles is not just a profile management solution anymore. It has grown into a mature environment management solution that offers functionality such as Predefined Settings and Advanced Process Criteria with which you are able to effectively manage your users’ environment. Actually, profile management would be too narrow to describe our offering, user environment management (UEM) is more appropriate. Immidio Flex Profiles still requires no back-end infrastructure, needs only a little training and the implementation is only a matter of hours. Next to our agility and focus, Immidio’s low pricing remains a strong selling point.

Our goal for 2012 is to continue our growth trend, have local presence in our most successful markets, keep our low pricing, continue to provide solutions that do not create a vendor lock-in and make profile management in the Immidio flavor a ‘must have’ in the UEM market space. And I guess the answer to the big question is obvious by now, we remain absolutely loyal to our original strategy!

On behalf of the whole Immidio team, I wish you a prosperous 2012!

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