Immidio introduces flexible lease and subscription models

By Rob Huisman — September 21st, 2011 – 15:46

At Immidio we aim at providing point solutions at commodity prices, because we want our products to be affordable for everyone.

Over the past two years we have noticed the need to offer our licenses not only for sale, but also provide our customers with the option to lease or rent Immidio licenses.

Together with the launch of Immidio Flex Profiles 7.5 on the 28th of September 2011, Immidio introduces two new licensing models next to the traditional purchase agreement.

Immidio will start offering an Enterprise Agreement, where customers can purchase licenses and spread the payment over a three year period.  Next to that, Immidio will introduce the Enterprise Subscription Agreement which offers the possibility to rent the Immidio licenses for a period of three years.

With these new licensing models we drastically lower the initial investment for our products and also provide more flexibility with regard to intermediate change to another licensing model, early termination, increasing the number of licenses while benefitting from the original discount or decreasing the number of licenses without any fines. Also payment frequency will be flexible and possible by month, quarter or year.

Immidio’s products should be present in any modern Windows IT infrastructure. Adjusting our licensing model to the needs of our customers and prospects is an important step in reaching that objective.

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